martedì 20 novembre 2012


Aiutatemi per questo concorso, con un click: vorrei regalare un abito da sposa ad un'amica che non può! e questa è una storia vera, la mia!

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Literary Contest national Cinderella: the fable of Irma and Giulio!

Irma was solar, sinuous as a bulrush, and lively as a bee. It was from the South, the mother weaver, the father manufacturer, many babies. His clothes were sewn by her sister Lucia, before she married and went to the Brazil.
Irma was studying so much: her dad, 1º from his land of Italy to go in Australia, he taught her to have a free mind. A famous company of Turin, with big promises, sent in a unknown village of the province, as social worker for the workers of the factory.
Julius was witty, proud as a peregrine falcon as good as the bread. He had studied in college in the city. His parents, laborious, led a modest life. They went out to find him on Vespa and he was proud of his beautiful mother. Beginning to work in a factory.
One summer day, returning from a wandering holydays with friends in the cities of the North, he helped his father to collect the hay when fell from the ladder. A leap in the dark. He broke the spine.
The factory sent the young assistant to visit for the employee.
Months of gypsum and immobility. Then she had the transfer and returned to South.
He was healed but he feel a dense to the heart: until follow her. They was married. The history is true: in the house to the North, was born I.

Mom&Woman: Concorso letterario nazionale Cinderella: la favol...

invito tutti gli amici ed i parenti a fare un clic, un votino, perché vorrei regalare un abito da sposa ad una cara amica che non può permetterselo! GRAZIE

Mom&Woman: Concorso letterario nazionale Cinderella: la favol...: Irma era solare, sinuosa come un giunco e briosa come un’ape. Veniva dal Sud, la madre tessitrice, il padre costruttore, ...

sabato 17 novembre 2012

Il silenzio è rosa

Un'alba rosa ci ha visti ripartire da Positano domenica 11/11, per ricaricare le batterie al mio tesoro. 
Un incanto la Costiera Amalfitana!
Cari blogger, scusate il lungo silenzio, ma a volte il silenzio è.... rosa. Un caro saluto a tutti. Mauro domani torna a casa dopo l'ultima chemio!